What I Did

Shall I tell you what I did?

No, I won’t.  It’s best forgotten.

That’s what Dad said with the hot chocolate near the carpet in my bedroom afterwards, and I believed him, but sadly he lied and now everybody is talking about it.

Did you know that all snow leopards have grey eyes?  Well they do.  Sharks shed their teeth, too.

And anyway, it was his fault!  I only ran away because of him, and like the interfering bitch said you mustn’t hit a child.

If you do they’ll send somebody to decide what’s best.  It’s automatic, like reflux, which happens when a fly flies into your eye.  Fly!  Whap!  Blink!  That’s reflux.

I’m Billy Wright.  I’m six.  And I’m not saying any more about what I did here because I don’t have to.

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