Towards the Sun

‘Only Resist!’

A novel of rebellion and rebirth in the vein of ABOUT SCHMIDT and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST

Harry Brinkman’s head is in a noose.  His pension has been slashed, his wife is having an affair, his misguided children are beyond his control.  And his war hero father has just died, leaving a journal which reveals that the code of stoic heroism he bequeathed Harry was a lie.

With more to regret than savour in his past, and more to fear than look forward to in his future, Harry opts to end his life.

But as he’s tying the rope to the beam, he’s interrupted by a cold-caller who urges him to think again.  The act of resistance, she says, matters more than anything it achieves.  With his beautiful cleaner crunching up the drive, and his ‘surprise’ sixtieth birthday party looming as a deadline, Harry decides to pack the rope away and give the cold caller’s advice a try.

Towards the Sun is the wry, heart-warming story of one man’s vainglorious attempt to right the wrongs in his life.