The Undertow

Improbable things happen and I take care of them. There’s always room for hope.

Wilson Taylor is a successful man: the owner of a thriving high-risk business, he has also raised his beloved daughter Anna almost single-handedly since infancy. Dealing with unexpected crises is his strength, but nothing can prepare him for the call he receives from Doctor Jo Hoffman, explaining how Anna, now nineteen and travelling abroad before art school, has been gravely injured while swimming in Australia’s Byron Bay.

Wilson drops everything and flies to the other side of the world, ready to assess the situation and fix it. Although the police say such accidents are common in the treacherous currents along this stretch of coast, Wilson’s own investigation convinces him someone is to blame. Who was Anna’s travelling companion and why did he abandon her? Who is the blackmailer threatening Wilson, how did they get those photographs and what do they mean?

Interspersed with Anna’s own account of her travels, Wilson’s quest takes him far from his daughter’s bedside and deep into the Australian bush. But how much does he really know – or want to know – about his own child?

In this tautly written, vividly compelling novel, Christopher Wakling explores the subjective nature of relationships, truth and perception, and the illusion that we are in control of our lives.