On Cape Three Points

Thirteen days ago I made a mistake. A momentary slip, but enough to launch me into free fall, a life unravelling in my wake.”

So begins the story of Lewis Penn, a young business lawyer whose currency is mind-numbing detail, whose skill is keeping to the middle of the road. He’s never put a foot wrong, until now.

Entrusted with a file of confidential papers, Lewis loses them, an innocent oversight which nevertheless threatens to undermine both his career and, ultimately, his identity.

Every step Lewis takes to cover up his mistake propels him further off course, into an incomprehensible world of Ukrainian mafia and industrial spies. Increasingly paranoid, he can only confide in his dying brother, Dan. But as the facade of Lewis’s life cracks, it seems that Dan’s is also riven by deception.

Lewis’s faltering trajectory takes him from London to Washington DC and Cape Three Points, where a pivotal moral decision catapults him into free fall.

On Cape Three Points dissects a contemporary Everyman, in search of substance beneath his skin.

US readers: this novel was published as THE IMMORTAL PART by Riverhead in America.